Bruge Belgium     November 2004

listening to love

silent lotus poetry

a performance by

Lieve Blondelle & Sabrina Spronk


On November 4th 2004 in the Magdalenakerk located in the city of Bruge,Belgium the singer Lieve Blondelle together with the dancer Sabrina Spronk created an hour long performance in tribute to the silent lotus poetry.

The dance was rendered in the Butoh style. A performing art that originated in post world war ll Japan. The choice of music that accompanied Lieve Blondelle’s singing was chosen by Luc Gillaert and visual techniques by Paul Claeys. Cedric Peterson of St.Maarten,The Netherland Antilles recorded the silent lotus readings that were used in this performance. Floral art was created by Katrien Vandierndonck.